A more in-depth inspection of your plant will always be preceded by a talk and a „familiarization phase”.
The samples taken will be carefully analyzed in the laboratory.
The results of the analysis will enable us to develop a customized strategy to solve the problems.

Industrial water and process optimization in practice

Your work processes do not run as smoothly they should under optimal conditions? As a consequence, your plant does not work efficiently?

We are specialized in identifying problems and eliminating them: This will be done with the help of our customized treatment programs, with chemicals especially produced for tackling your problems, with our qualified plant technology and, above all, with the help of our experienced team of specialists who have gathered a lot of practical experience over the years and know their trade intimately.

All our efforts are aimed at maximizing the operational efficiency, the work safety and the environmental performance, for which there are a number of approaches, more than you might think at first glance.

Step 1: Plant audit

Apart from assessing your previous treatment methods, we will also inspect the piping system, the heat exchangers, the tools and all other plant components affected by the water. We will thoroughly discuss matters with your executive staff and the people responsible on site. The water will be sampled several times and analyzed in our own laboratories, while our experts will also check the general legal conditions that are applicable.

Step 2: Analysis

Our experienced laboratory team will examine the sampled water on the basis of various test and analysis methods. The laboratory results combined with the on-site findings will precisely reflect the actual situation of your plant, which can then be compared with the desired conditions.

Step 3: Developing a solution

The results of our findings and analyses will then provide the basis for an efficiency calculation which, in turn, will allow us to develop customized chemical products and the relevant treatment programs. If the need arises, we can also carry out product tests at our own premises.

Step 4: Implementation

Once the strategy has been agreed, we will implement it in practice. Not only will the chemical products be supplied which have been optimally geared to your processes, but also the entire plant technology which will be put into operation on your behalf. In addition to that, our experienced sales engineers would only be too happy to provide the training for your personnel during the entire start-up phase.

Step 5: After-care

After having completed the implementation, we’ll keep looking after you and will regularly inspect your systems. This includes on-site measurements, sampling, laboratory analyses and system reviews. It all requires keeping up a permanent dialog with you, so as maintain the value created by ensuring optimal plant operations without any interruptions.



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