We improve the efficiency of your cooling systems and decrease the operating costs with our treatment programs.

Cooling water

Calcification, corrosion, sedimentations and damage caused by micro-organisms (biofilms) are only some of the factors that may considerably affect the cooling water system. The consequences: increasing wear and tear, poor efficiency and eventually the standstill of the plant.

An important factor of any efficiency calculation will therefore be the efficiency of your cooling water system. It often requires a few corrections only to reduce the operating costs drastically and to avoid downtimes lastingly.

Together with you, we jointly develop practical and environmentally-friendly optimization solutions, which will be geared to your individual needs, which are commercially advantageous and which give due consideration to VDI directive 3803, Annex 31 of the Waste Water Directive as well as other relevant statutes and guidelines.

More details on the subject of process and water optimization here

Optimization potentials:
  • Increasing the thickening effect
  • Saving feed and waste water
  • Improving the efficiency
  • Decreasing the doses of chemicals added
  • Avoiding functional breakdowns
  • Reducing the number of standstills and the downtimes
  • Optimizing the environmental friendliness
  • Maintaining the value created
Your benefits at the end of the day :
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced water and waste water costs
  • Reduced system cleaning costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved ecological performance
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